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I’m Craig Copeland, the author of Disruptors. I’ve spent the past 16 years working on my latest book which is the simple idea that disruptive thinking outshines innovative thinking, and that genius is accessible to anyone, and is not a product of IQ.

I hope you’ll consider that this radical style of thinking is not as far out of reach as one might think. Please feel free to explore and enjoy my online home. Stay intuitive.

Special Excellence in Personal Development

Copeland rebrands the idea of innovation, referring to it as disruptions in thinking, and relates the distractions of today’s society to the scarcity of revolutionary thinkers. He deconstructs the term “genius,” differentiating it from a high IQ, and outlines eight attributes shared by disruptors as a springboard for readers to achieve personal and professional success. The idea may not feel groundbreaking, but Copeland’s affable, practical presentation brings it to life.

Originality: Copeland creates buzz around the idea of disruption, helping outliers introspectively improve their cognitive habits. The unique delivery will recharge readers and inspire them to hone their critical and creative thinking skills. 

A refreshing guide that not only motivates but creates buzz around critical thinking.

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